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Small businesses have it rough when it comes to website development. Most settle for one of the following:

  • A cheap, inexperienced developer
  • A pre-packaged, template-driven service
  • An experienced but expensive developer who wants to move on to more interesting and higher-paying projects as quickly as possible

The result is usually not the site you dreamed of, to say the least.

At , we build professional, custom websites for all our clients. And we do it at a reasonable price. We keep costs low and implement innovative development strategies so we can continue to offer reasonable prices to small businesses. We make professional web development available to the little guy.

We want long-term relationships with all our clients; we don't want to bang out a website, get a check and disappear. We want to be able to stand behind our work. We want to be proud of every site we build. And most importantly, we believe that every small business deserves a great website.

Would you like to work with ? Contact us, tell us about the details of your project, and we'll get going.

We've also developed a New Client Worksheet. It's a useful tool to start the discussion about your project. You can download it below.

download new client worksheet

We look forward to working with you!


Spirituality in Higher Education Slideshow 04/01/10

Asked to create a slideshow for UCLA's Spirituality in Higher Education website, came up with an elegant and simple Javascript-based solution.

Because it's not built in Flash, the slideshow will work on almost any internet device, including the iPhone and the new iPad. Take a look! re-launch 12/01/09

This custom WordPress theme seamlessly integrates a professional design with the more personal content contained in the blog posts.

Being a WordPress site, virtually everything within the content areas is editable by the client. This provides a great balance between professional design and client control.

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